How to create a new Smart-ID account?

Smart-ID is one of the most popular electronic identification methods approved by Baltic banks.
In order to register a full access Smart-ID account, you:
1. Must have a Lithuanian or Estonian national ID number or new generation Latvian ID number. Find more information here.
2. Must comply with the age requirements. Smart-ID accounts for users under 18 years old require a parent's authorization Find more information here.
Registering a new Smart-ID account is easy!
1. Download the Smart-ID app on your smartphone for free from your Google Play, App Store or AppGallery account.
2. Open the app, click on the Register button, and choose one of the authentication methods: []
  • ID card
  • Mobile ID
  • Biometric identification
  • Bank link
  • Visiting a bank office
3. Activate the account by following the instructions according to your chosen authentication method!
NB: Once you active your account, you can use Smart-ID to sign documents with Mark Sign self-service platform. Be sure that your account security level is not less than a Qualified Smart-ID
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