How to sign eDocuments

Electronic document upload

  1. First, go directly to and choose how you want to connect to the platform, i.e. preferred identification method.

  2. After logging in, you will be redirected to your account’s document window. You can immediately upload a new document by clicking the Upload document button in the upper right corner.

  3. You can upload documents saved in PDF, ASICE, BDOC, and ADOC format, the size of which does not exceed 100 MB.

  4. After uploading a document, select the place where the signature will be displayed, add signatories if it‘s necessary and click Start signing button.

  5. Confirm your identity with Smart-ID or Mobile-ID, ZealiD, USB Token, or Smart Card and sign the document.
  6. After confirming your identity, you will receive a notification by email that the document has been signed. You will also see the members and their status: pending signature or signed.

If you have a document that needs to be signed, you will receive an notification in your e-mail.

General information

After opening the document, in the Information section you will find the following information:
  • The name of the document and the possibility to change it
  • Information about who uploaded the document
  • Document type: ADOC, ASICE, BDOC or PDF
  • Categories: You can assign the document to the specific category
  • Status: Saved, Signed, etc.

Changing document title

  1. Press the pencil icon
  2. Enter the new document title
  3. Press Save icon

That's it, you have already changed the title!

Document categories

Easily manage documents by creating or assigning them to separate categories.

Assigning document to a specific category

After opening the document, press the Assign Category button. 

In the pop-up window, select one or more categories to assign the document to.

Setting up new document category

In your Mark Sign account, select Settings & Payments > Document Categories > Add New Category.

Electronic signature settings

1. Electronic signature display settings
When signing a document electronically, you have the option to choose the place where the signature will be displayed.
Upload a document and in the Signature settings section select the signature display location.
Also, you can choose not to display the signature in your document. The document will be signed with a qualified electronic signature, only the signature will not be visible.
2. Option to deduct signatures from your account
Before sending an invitation to sign a document to other signatories, you have the option to credit their signatures with your plan signatures. 

If you want to credit your partner or customer's signature, select the Deduct signatures from my account check box before starting the signing process, and the other person's signature will be credited to your account.

Signing members

In the Members section, add the signing members you want to sign the document.

If you have a member saved in your address book, click the Add New Members check box will show them in the Invite Contact section.

Document signing order

After selecting the signing order check box, choose the order in the invitations to view, approve, or sign will be sent. Just drag and drop for order.

Signature purpose

After adding a member, select one of the 6 signing options:
  • Signature - a qualified electronic signature
  • Certification of authenticity of a copy - a qualified certification that a copy of a document is genuine.
  • Visa - allows you to officially certify that the document has been examined and found correct, in other words, approved.
  • Endorsement - a qualified confirmation that a person has familiarized himself with the document and confirmed its content
  • View - gives a person access to a document with the ability to view or download it
  • Internal document approval - a person is given the right to approve or reject a document without entering a qualified e-signature.

Document availability

Make documents accessible and share them with other people in a way that fits you.

Private document

If you have chosen to make the document private, only added members will be able to open and view it.

Public document

If you chose to make the document public, when you click Add new members, you'll see a unique link that you can share with others. In this case, the document will be viewable by all persons with this link.


To add a comment, select the document and add notes in the Comments section.

If you want to write a comment or note only for yourself, check Private comment box in the Comments section. If you check the Private comment box, the comment will be visible only by you.

Document signing reminders

Are you waiting for the other party to sign the document? Send an additional reminder by email. In the Members section, click the Send Reminder button.
Automatic reminders
Automatic reminders for invited members. Choose how often to send the reminders.

Action history

In the Action History section, track when a document has been uploaded, viewed, signed or forwarded.

After logging in to your Mark Sign account, select the Documents section in the menu bar, select the document and view the entire history of actions.

Batch actions

Download, delete or move documents to another account with one click.

To download the document to a mobile device, click on the eye symbol, which will activate the document download to the mobile device.

Setting the deadline for signing

Set the date and time before which the document can be signed. You can also choose whether to allow signing after the deadline, or not.

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