How to change the password of an electronic signature?

Electronic signature passwords using Smart-ID or Mobile-ID are four-digit or six-digit PIN1 and PIN2 codes. If you forgot your PIN codes, create new ones depending on your electronic signature type.


For security reasons, PIN codes are not stored, so if you forget and want to update your Smart-ID PIN codes, you will need to create a Smart-ID account again. More information is available here.


If you have lost or forgotten your SIM card PIN codes and still have access to your PUK code, open your Mobile-ID app and locate Change codes on the menu.

USB Token

If you want to reset your USB storage password, first make sure what type of storage you are currently using and then follow the instructions.

ID card

A new PIN code is given to the person each time the identity card certificates are renewed during the validity of the identity card. More information about ID card PINs can be found here.

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